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Posted by : Jerico Lequin Monday, November 26, 2012

Author: [Ryosuku839]
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  1. dude how to pop up the menu cus i only use tab + q/e

  2. Jerico make more mods pls :)

  3. uhmm im trying to install your skin selector where should i put hte scripts(ex. skin_o.cs)? should i put them in cleo>cleo_text?

  4. Don't mine the ".txt" File, just put all the ".cs" file into the cleo folder,

  5. i installed it i put skin.img and skin_c.cs to cleo and gta to data but when i press tab + e + q nothing happens and i try to press \ + e + q i think it opens an invisible menu cus when i LMB and arrow down + space it changes skin
    (srry for bad english)

  6. Do you put all the ".cs" into the cleo folder?

  7. wla den nangyare pero kninang umaga pag palit ko ng skin d na gumalaw yung laro nag stop pero nung nilagay ko lhat na ayos na kya salamat paren ^^

  8. Why i cant use the skin mods just stoping the game just like a glitch or something

  9. Anonymous :

    @Kim Cortezano the problem can be gta.dat you have to put this mod's gta.dat in your gta san andreas data folder or it will not work and if after this also it didn't work then try this--- remove some of your skins from skin selector and then it can work XD

  10. darkjancok :

    thanks you mod work 100%

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