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Posted by : Jerico Lequin Sunday, March 16, 2014

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Author: [J16D]
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  1. @Jerico Lequin, :o what a epic jutsu you got there

  2. @Uchiha Itachi Well the one who created this is the best mod creator in gta naruto history :D, J16D ;D

  3. Anonymous :

    please make mod raiden no jutsu(kakashi's jutsu)

  4. @Jerico Lequin, i tried both version of this bijuu bomb but why both explode at my actual place not far away :( i like this..how to fix it?

  5. my gta crash , because use v1

  6. this bijuu bomb why explode at my actual place not far away

  7. LOL.. This mod is very good :D It's Work !! If your gta crash, Dont Forget Copy "z_sources_files" Into your cleo Folder !! and dont add The SKIN ! And mod is work very well :)) and dont forget rebuild archive your gta3 :D

  8. Oh maybe thats the problem :D i forgot to put that file into cleo

  9. Anonymous :

    I didn't put the source files but it worked :3

  10. The bijuu bomb explode far away from us? Mine is at my actual place xD maybe because i didnt put source file

  11. Why the result is still the same after putting source file into cleo..when i launch bijuu bomb..the bomb go further but the explosion explode at me then suddenly CJ cannot moving.. Hmm i wonder what are the problem.. :/

  12. This keys_c.txd that make my gta crashes,

  13. this mod work :D,but this bijuu bomb exploded at my actual place not far away

  14. Yeah.. I wonder how to fix that :(

  15. mine doesnt move too after launching the bomb

  16. hi can you explain to me how to add this mod plz can you tell me step by step

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