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Posted by : Paul Allen Friday, February 14, 2014


  1. I have no time to post a video :(

  2. @Uchiha Itachi, This mod will going to crash -_-, because you didn't copy the madara.ifp, but i will going to fix it :)

  3. What? sorry bro i didnt notice that..i think the anim make you activate the jutsu but im wrong. _.

  4. Thanks for fix it jerico.. You are awesome :D

  5. @Uchiha Itachi, You're awesome too :), Thank you :)

  6. @Jerico Lequin, hey what tool that make you can view from far away? Can i request it :)

  7. @Uchiha Itachi, I used a mod, what i called "deafultcamera"

  8. Anonymous :

    im request shinra tensei big please jericho please

  9. @Anonymous, I'm asking if you mean the jutsu of pain, the planetary destruction?

  10. i think i'm understand,he mean the big almighty push when pain destroy konoha

  11. @M.Danial yeah u're right!! but it crashes the game i downloaded any times and installed but it crashes game!! :(

  12. @M.Danial ur game creashes too??

  13. Can you give me the link?, i will try to fix it.

  14. @Uchiha Itachi, No, If you are talking about "floating to anywhere cam" i used a mod called, "free moving cam mod", then if you talking about why my camera is not so close to my character i used, "defaultcamera mod"

  15. @Jerico Lequin, here it the link :)

  16. @Jerico Lequin, there is the link for big shinra tensei..

  17. @UChiha itachi it crashes :(

  18. Yeah jerico said he will try fix the crash..thats why i give a link

  19. I will just only try to fix it :D

  20. @Uchiha Itachi,Why it crashed on mine

  21. @Uchiha Itachi : Can I convert you're mod into android?
    I've done with it, just wait for you're permission

  22. yeah u can :D he would agreee don't worry :)

  23. thanks for you're attention, anyway is there Indonesian admin in this blog?

  24. Yeah i just know one he is M.Danial :)

  25. @Adan Hadi Saputra, okay you may :D sorry for late reply

  26. @Ardiansyah Putra, if i have some time..i will post another madara katon mekkyaku

  27. @Adan hadi saputra i admin from indonesian :D

  28. @Uchiha Itachi, crash mod :( , can u fix it :)

  29. @All, im going to fix it right now.. report to me if its still have a problem :) dont be shy ;)

  30. Wait a minute..i have a problem while uploading the new file on mediafire..sorry but this may take a while

  31. @All, ENJOY!! The jutsu has been fix.. its pretty epic ;) sorry for late fix

  32. Anonymous :

    why does my game crashes after installing the mod ?

  33. @Anonymous, you must add madara.txd,madara.dff and madara.ifp in gta3.img using imgtool and rebuild archieve.. if the files are missing in gta3.img it will cause crash..

  34. Anonymous :

    I did what you said but now i got blackscreen

  35. Anonymous :

    Now it works Thanks for the fast reply :D

  36. Anonymous :

    Now it works Thanks for the fast reply :D

  37. Anonymous :

    que mierda

  38. Anonymous :

    Download Link of skin?

  39. Anonymous :

    Not Bad :')

  40. it worked at first, and second it crashed! why? tell me!

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