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Posted by : Paul Allen Saturday, February 22, 2014


  1. Guys what it mean by Ryuuken

  2. i belive it is this:

  3. I also really dont know.. Look naruto shippuden when edo tensei is release..that time madara using that jutsu..i think episode 339..forgot already

  4. hey uchiha itachi that graphics is so good O_o what did u used?

  5. Anonymous :

    anyone have any mods chakra .......
    as above ....
    just chakra .... not with other mods

  6. I think the script are same with katon hosenka just the audio and effect that modded

  7. Anonymous :

    yeah can you release only the chakra ??

  8. @Anonymous, actually the chackra is from uchiha gaeshi jutsu models..download that jutsu and put all file in your gta sa.. When you launch the uchiha gaeshi the chakra appear and it wont dissapear just like Above ^^^^^

  9. Here it is

  10. What jutsu? This or uchiha gaeshi? If uchiha gaeshi have you put the models>>txd of madara to your models>> txd and make sure put the anim file..it make the jutsu work..

  11. i put all files but the uchiha gaeshi freezes my gta

  12. maybe there is some mod same key press as uchiha gaeshi

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