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Posted by : GODSON NARUTO Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This Tutorial Shows You How To fix the shinobi world v8 ....
Please make the audio folder to the archive and extract to the shinobi world V8...
If You directly put the audio folder in the shinobi world v8 folder then your game will crash or will not work...
For downloading the audio vist at
if you don't want to download then make your old gta sa audio to the archive and extract it to the shinobi world v8 .... don't put it directly
and don't mod the original files of it or it will crash except for the text
don't put main.scm......


  1. should i install cleo first before installing shinobi world or not?

  2. nope it already have it :) u just have to download audio.rar :) that's all

  3. when i download it it says faild - network error help pls

  4. oh sorry i will upload on mediafire

  5. @Mohamad fauzdie, why you can't download on google docs?

  6. but nevermind cus my gta sa file was deleted T_T even my backup file nothing left..noting....T_T

  7. my game "CRASH" at Loading game! how to fix this!???

  8. My Game "CRASH" at loading Game! how to fix this!!??

  9. Put your original gta sa audio in shinobi world :)

  10. Plz!!! upload Media fire link!!

  11. Put new main.scm and audio folder from :)
    it consists of both audio folder and new main.scm :D

  12. Plz!! mediafire Link!! plz i want to fix my gtakonoha

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