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Posted by : Jerico Lequin Sunday, February 02, 2014


  1. Anonymous :

    At last..the jutsu i search for a long time..thanks.. Btw can u give the hand sign hud link? :)

  2. Anonymous :

    I forgot to ask something..can this jutsu pass through object?

  3. Hehe sure I'm going to share it to you guys. :)

  4. Actually that's the thing that sucks in the mods :D, it don't pass through object.

  5. Anonymous :

    Link Error Help In Fix Jerico

  6. create more uchiha madara jutsu and skin please
    and can we download the file via mediafire

    i love madara

  7. Link Error? I check it, it is not error 2/3/2014

  8. I will try, You mean Uchiha Madara?, not Uchiha Tobi/Obito?

  9. Here it is :D

  10. Anonymous :

    can i request the mod of sasuke enton kagustchi?

  11. Anonymous :

    thank you my friend :)

  12. @River Ribeiro, hahah Lol xD

  13. Anonymous :

    bcoz it materialize jutsu :)

  14. dude,can I convert you mod into android?
    this kind a good mod :D

  15. @Adan Hadi Saputra, haha sure :D. do what ever you like :)

  16. Hello Jerico where is link to the naruto weapon???

    Please answer


  17. Anonymous :

    It would be cool if you could move :D

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