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Posted by : Haikal Al-Ghifari Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Author : Kuns3


  1. Anonymous :

    Sorry i will be fix it.. im haikal

  2. quick bro i want this skin to make my video about Obito jutsu

  3. Anonymous :

    @M.Danial and Haikal I fixed the link!! :D

  4. Anonymous :

    @Haikal no prob man :)

  5. Anonymous :

    @Haikal are you the man named "RYUZAKI UCHIHA"!!??

  6. Anonymous :

    @Uchiha Itachi ouh i knew it!! O_O so haikal u are spanish??!!

  7. No dude Haikal is an indonesian :D

  8. Anonymous :

    @M.Danial but he speaked spanish in a group of facebook :D

  9. Yeah he speak using translator hehe ;) that group members is modder from spanish

  10. @uchiha itachi how you know about im usong translator????

  11. Anonymous :

    @haikal it's easy man.... :D u are indonesian and u don't speak spanish and spanish guys dosen't speak english good so u must be using translator :D :3 xD

  12. @uchiha itachi.... Yeah whatever you say...

  13. Are you mad? :( im very sorry

  14. No.... I meant no problem XD

  15. Anonymous :

    @UCHIHA ITACHI ahhh... xD

  16. @GODSON NARUTO in banshou combo why in youtube you and izaya type Shinra Combo cuz i want to make a video from that mod

  17. Anonymous :

    @M.Danial it is Banshou Combo 'cuz shinra is push and banshou is pull os it is banshou :D

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