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Posted by : Paul Allen Thursday, March 13, 2014


  1. Hey how to became admin on this blog? Jerico not hear me at facebook

  2. Welcome.. Happy to help you

  3. Maybe he will be online soon

  4. I already have it all if downloaded in konohacity56.blogspot.com

  5. @haikal alghifari, Sorry about the late replay :), I've already asked his gmail, and I'm going to rapidly invite him once he send it :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.
  7. The image is deidara so i help to replace the real image :)

  8. hey guys how i can upload mod here
    with pic and video

  9. Are you admin??
    If u r admin then only u can post :D

  10. How can I join to be admin?

  11. done sending just accept it :D and i will teach u to post and whatever... :D

  12. done sending just accept it :D and i will teach u to post and whatever... :D

  13. no prob bro :D just make one chatango user in upper chatbox and i will teach u how to post something and labels, description... etc :)

  14. I could not imagine it, thanks

  15. Go to gmail.com to accept it

  16. Hey Uchiha Itachi i have got a request for u by me.... can u please upload ur gta sa which u r playing now... please y gta sa have not many mods but it crashes sometimes so ur gta sa is running well so can u plz upload in any uploading sites and give it to me? plz i will be grateful if u do that :)

  17. Then after you accept..you will become admin

  18. My gta also crash sometime..i use jutsu then suddenly crash..i think my gta have problem :/ what about you?

  19. I don't mean that but i want gta sa not shinobi world.... my gta sa crashes when i install mods there it didn't happened last time but this time it crahes :( so can u plz upload T_T

  20. Hey but don't worry if u don't want to upload just say me i know it takes much time to upload so if u don't wanna just say me :)

  21. T.T well, it will take a long time to upload.. Plus i dont have much time.. I think you should check your gta sa problem..maybe the mod or something else

  22. Don't worry if u don't want to upload then i will just put shinobi world ^_^ if u want that then it's ok ^_^ thanks for replying :)

  23. Just can u say me where did u downloaded that gta sa?

  24. I got from my relatives...

  25. hey uchiha itachi you can resend for again

  26. Not me who send the invitation..its GODSON NARUTO... :)

  27. @Jerico Lequin, he asking to become admin..

  28. i can give you my password make e admin

  29. i don't understand how accept its don't show anything in my gmail

  30. you are admin now.... why you not post it? o.o

  31. i didnt know how post you can tech me anything

  32. its not work
    if i put all files
    there is not hud

  33. when i install huds it says my gta is not supported anybody help?

  34. @Ardiansyah Putra, after you install all the file.. Run your gta then go to gta sa menu>> option>>display setup>> and you will see the hud and radar are off so you must on it/enable it.. Then it should works

  35. @mohamad faudzie, what does it says?

  36. it says, sorry, but this version of gta_sa.exe is not supported.
    Try to turn of ChechExeVersion param in the ini file.
    supported versions:
    -1.0us(14383616 bytes)
    -1.0us compact (5189632 bytes)
    that what it says

  37. Hmm i dont know what is that.. I never face this before..

  38. no no no
    now its work
    thanks uchiha itachi ^_^

  39. :D my plessure to help you

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