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Posted by : Jerico Lequin Monday, August 26, 2013


  1. Isnt this skin is big enough in gta? :)

  2. @Uchiha Itachi, Yeaah it is big enough on gta :D, but this one is useful just like on summoning jutsu :)

  3. Btw is my tengai shinsei works? i forgot to put Madara.ifp on the archieve..

  4. @Uchiha Itachi, Lol i didn't actually try it, :D, but i think it will not going to work, put the madara.ifp :)

  5. Yeah i will.. But maybe tomorrow i edit the file..

  6. If i have some time..i will post madara perfect susanoo.. :D

  7. @Uchiha Itachi, Ouh that will be great, but please make sure the files are in the right order, check it twice :)

  8. It doesnt work.... It just crashed my GTA..........


  9. Anonymous :

    @Usman i think u did not installed it correctly, cuz in my comp it works :)

  10. Not this i meant Tengai Shinsei

  11. @Usman i have fix the mod..try it :)

  12. @Uchiha Itach, It is because you didn't put the madara.ifp, right? :D

  13. can you make this skin bigger??

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