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Posted by : Paul Allen Friday, February 21, 2014


  1. Anonymous :

    Already have!! :3

  2. @GODSON NARUTO, oh you mean you have already this mod..xD

  3. Anonymous :

    yeah but that was a pack of madara jutsus XD

  4. Yeah but unfortunately..madara perfect susanoo crashed :(

  5. Anonymous :

    Don't worry man i will upload perfect suasno'o :D

  6. Really.Oh that's gonna be great

  7. can you make yamato anbu jutsu? mokuton daijuin no jutsu :3

  8. I think it is like this?

  9. I hope it didnt crash.. I always wanted madara perfect susanoo..i install the mod again and again but still crash xD..crash when i pressed 8..the susanoo is appear but then crashed

  10. if you watch naruto 351 you know :))

  11. Here is the video

  12. Anonymous :

    can you upload that katon ??

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