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Posted by : GODSON NARUTO Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sorry for the video cuz i don't have gta sa i am just posting it..
This is 2nd version and some bug fixed and the bomb goes much far.
Hope ya like it ;)


  1. What happen to your gta sa?

  2. I don't know why but the mouse in my gta sa is not working in any version :(

  3. Oh i know that problem.. I also have that problem.. Check solution on youtube gta sa mouse not working solution.. :)

  4. I mean gta sa how to fix mouse problem on youtube ;)

  5. man........ but i find the mouse fix on : http://madaraanggara.wow-wars.com/t11-shared-mouse-fix

  6. the both file in cleo just put in your cleo... if you want version 1 put key_cm.cs and S_FilesS into your cleo.. models 'keys_c.txd put inside your model>> txd and replace the pool_blsx.txd in your gta3.img using imgtool.. thats all

  7. i cant active this mod
    it has not opcode key

  8. Thanks guys for helping me :) i will check it later cuz i will be late for my school :P

  9. Press TAB+Enter then Q+E,W,Right click :)

  10. Yeah press that.. If v1 not work try v2 :) but v2 is a little bit boring cuz we type bombbijuu to launch the bomb :p ^_^

  11. Uchiha Itachi yeah u r right :D

  12. hey all
    can i request??
    uchiha madara bone susano please :D

  13. here is it: :D

  14. not like that
    but like this >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgYkFXKHeyc
    thanks for helping

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