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Posted by : Paul Allen Wednesday, March 12, 2014


  1. can i request?
    obito final mask hud NSUNS3

  2. maybe i will do it when i have time ;)

  3. hud works with load game but it didnt work in new game

  4. Did you go to display setup and enable hud?

  5. Yes but when i walk some distance it crashes

  6. I dont know the problem..load game instead of new game friend :)

  7. Anonymous :

    hei , this mod is created by Agung Piers deidara, right?
    are u reupload this mod?
    from here

  8. Yes :) i ask permission from him to post here

  9. Itachi add my facebook please :)) www.facebook.com/kaitoyashio1234

  10. Hey. I Have Instructions How to Install hud

  11. @Haris Khobrage i think you press tab

  12. But bro tab is very necessary for skin selector

  13. So if you press tab game crash so delete hud nsuns3.cs DO NOT DELETE REAL.CS its still work try it!

  14. here is your request http://jericouzumaki123.blogspot.com/2014/03/nsuns3-tobi-hud.html

  15. can you make itachi anbu HUD ??

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