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Posted by : Anonymous Friday, April 04, 2014

(Only for Admins): If u think i am doing this wrong cuz this is only naruto world i'm sorry :) i did this 'cuz it was Izaya Uchiha (Darck Uchiha) mods :D his mods are amazing so i wanted to share with u guys too so... please don't complain me >_<

(FOR ALL): Please type "dbz" at first or this mod will not work :)


  1. Actually its good when you share some awesome mod but this blog is more likely for Naruto mod.. ;)

  2. Anonymous :

    Yeah... thanks ITACHI ^_^

  3. @GODSON NARUTO, i was just about to say,, why goku mods are here.. but if this is awesome then mod is acceptable :D

  4. @Admins, Other mods is now okay to share on jericouzumaki123 site :), but put the tag on Other mods just like Godson Naruto do

  5. @GODSON NARUTO is it GENKI DAMA at 1:14 cuz i wanna post v2

  6. Anonymous :

    Thanks jerico :D

  7. Godson Naruto can you share the Goku skin it looks great :D

  8. Can you upload the flying mod?

  9. Anonymous :

    here is ur request :D

  10. Anonymous :

    yeah :D i have also uploaded all goku skins :)

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