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Posted by : Anonymous Friday, April 04, 2014

For activating this firstly select ur katana and then press next weapon or previous weapon to put it in ur player's back :)


  1. Anonymous :

    THAANKS luv you guys <3

  2. Anonymous :

    No prob :)

  3. Anonymous :

    hmm not working ?!

  4. Anonymous :

    I think u didn't did it right cuz it works :)
    First select ur weapon and previous weapon

  5. it's not working guys.....

  6. @Godson naruto, this mod will never work because you didnt put outfit.asi and outfit.dat :)

  7. Anonymous :

    @Uchiha Itachi yeah i was also thinking that XD

  8. Anonymous :

    @ALL THE MOD IS FIXED!! :D ^_^

  9. Can Anyone Fix The Bone Susano'o,,??
    it crashes when we deadactivate it..

  10. Anonymous :

    @Rahman Hidayat i think it's your comp prob 'cuz i have tried this justu in both shinobi world and gta sa and it deactivates well and it dosen't crashes :)

  11. Anonymous :

    Why does the katana disappear and afterwhile it appears again?

  12. @Anonymous Because you are using a mod called ninja jump.

  13. Anonymous :

    so if i add any ninja jump mod it will disappear? can you give me a ninja jump mod link that will not affect the "Uchiha Madara Back Katana Mod"

  14. @Anonymous Just tell me what ninja jump are you using I'm going to try to edit the script.

  15. Anonymous :

    @Jerico Lequin this is the jump i used


  16. Anonymous :

    where can i put my outfit.dat and outfit.asi

  17. Anonymous :

    not working -_________-

  18. Anonymous :

    @Anonymous tell me whats the prob why is it not working?

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