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Posted by : Darktinker123 Sunday, February 02, 2014

Hey guys, so this must be it, I don't want to just keep it mine, I want to share it to you guys, cause I love you all :). This must the christmas present of all the creator of gta sa naruto mods for us, but, thank you also of  Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm  3 Full Burst for the models of the maps, and also the one who converted it to Gta san andreas and that guy is "Bugagastic". Thanks to him.
Note : This map is almost like the a real shinobi world + this map have no bugs.
Note : The one that you download is the 100% Game of Gta San Andreas , But it is just only 703 MB, and it is totally Shinobi World.
Shinobi World v8.rar // (Yandisk Link)
Shinobi World v8.rar // (Mediafire Link)
Some Tutorial how to use the mods inside the Shinobi World,
1. Type "chidori" then press "u" to activate = chidori
2. Hold "F" about a seconds, then press "shift + tab" to activate = Deidara Bird
3. Press the "," to have kunai, then press "Left mouse button" to throw = Throw Kunai
4. Press "Tab + R" to use = Katon
5. Press "W + R" to use = Shenra Tensei
6. Type "rasengan" to activate rasengan, then press "r" to activate = Rasengan
if six is not working download this rasengan.cs
7. Press "-" to perform rasengan run = Rasengan Run
Feel Free To Ask Questions If You Have Problems :)
Thank you!!


  1. This map doesn't download right, I don't know what it is. I download it then it says corrupted or something. If possible could I get this map in mediafire or something simpler?

  2. Really?, cause mine doesn't have any problem, but I still need to know if others experience the same problem as you have. If that happen I'm going to upload the link into my mediafire account, and i know that would be tough :D

  3. This is huge o_O

    BTW does it have skin selector mod installed?

  4. Gta sa crashes after Shikamaru

  5. What is the skin after shikamaru?

  6. I't doesnt get up to skin. It says project by Bugagastic... Then crashes

  7. Ouh so you mean about the game huh, i thought about the skin, here what you need to do
    1. Delete whole Files Of You're Gta The
    2. (If Not Working) There is some files hidden in gta, Go to "folder option" and change "view hidden files"

  8. can you make a mediafire link cus i cant pause it because my IDM doesnt work in the link

  9. Ouh, really? i well i will try

  10. Anonymous :

    can i download this is but only gta3.img

  11. Anonymous :

    Hey man... it's downloading very slowly and it's been all 4 days i did that but it didn't downloaded can u plz upload it in mediafire link plz i beg u...

  12. Nope, because if I'm going to upload only gta3.img , you're gta will be crash, 'cuz there is some files needed in shinobi world v8, not just gta3.img :)

  13. Really?, I think it is just the same, i think it is because of you're internet speed, is slow.. just maybe, but I'm going to still upload shinobi world v8 on mediafire :)

  14. mine is only 14 hours but i cant pause it while in class

  15. Mediafire Link Added, Yeyyy! :D, it took me half of my day to upload this :D

  16. after shikamaru it crashes (not skin) in menu i tried what you've said but it's not working :l

  17. Sorry about that guys, if you download on
    Mediafire 50% game crash
    Yandisk 75% game crash :)

  18. so it means its not working?

  19. I can't really tell that this one doesn't work, cause mine is working, i think it really just depends, or something like that...

  20. @All, Shinobi World v8, is now working, just don't put the "SHINOBI HELP.rar", lol my bad....

  21. Anonymous :

    HEy man..... that's not the only solution.... -_- there is another also...... tutorial is coming soon!!!!

  22. This map is with many errors in gta.dat file, install the map with modloader and the result is the same. não da.

  23. @River Ribeiro, Ask the author about, cause I'm not the one who made this :)

  24. Anonymous :

    hey i have a new tutorial check it out it will be fixed and it is on this website...

  25. Victor Tuang :

    How can I fix the runing style, because it really looks kind of annoying?

  26. @Victor Tuang, Using Animation Manager

  27. Jerico How to make this in english? mine is in some language i dont quite understand.....

  28. Anonymous :

    Usman it's already done :D

  29. @Usman, Download The "american.gxt" original in the internet :D

  30. @Jerico Lequin.. I saw J16D preview this map..it so wonderful..check out his youtube channel

  31. @Uchiha Itachi, yeah i also check it, but.. it doesn't really show the all feature of this map..

  32. Jerico... May I add this mod to my project?
    can say I will edit this

  33. @Dimas Subhan, Yeah you can do what-ever you want.

  34. Thq..
    BTW.. When I Spawn New Game..
    I Spawn in Hydra ,
    and is under the city

    How i can go to normal city..?

  35. @Dimas Subhan, Open
    "Sanny Builder > gta/data/script/main.scm "
    then look for
    0005: $7 = (Numbers)
    0005: $6 = (Numbers)
    0005: $5 = (Numbers)
    Then play gta sa, but don't close you'r sanny builder yet, when you are playing gta minimize it and go to sany builder and go to "tools > Coords manager > and copy you'r coordinate numbers"
    Paste it on
    0005: $7 = (Here)
    0005: $6 = - (Here)
    0005: $5 = (Here)
    and delete some thing that called i think "Actor put on hydra", something like that.

  36. Can you give me only main.scm file ?

  37. @Dimas Subhan, okay I'm going to give it to you but first make backup first of you're main.scm, and if you're game will going to crash, just put you're original main.scm

  38. Tengkyu Very Much..!!!

    You are the best..
    just a suggestion for this blog ..
    remove word verification for comments :D

  39. @Dimas Subhan, can i have you're original main.scm, cause i will try to edit yours.

  40. http://www.sendspace.com/file/s2g77y

  41. @Dimas Subhan, Here try it again

  42. Thankk... Work..
    Thankk thankkk :D

  43. @Dimas Subhan, Always pleasure to help you :)

  44. HELLO.. I'm Back :D
    How to solve when i normal run, run very fast
    when i sprint , run slow..

    Please help me again :D

  45. @Dimas Subhan, just download perfect ninja animations v2

  46. I already downloaded it..
    My problem not resolved

  47. I knew the problem with the audio of the game, I'm talking about catching errors in game map, just go to any other town that the game crashes after a few minutes.obrigado.

  48. Anonymous :

    @River Ribeiro Desculpe, but i cannot fix this prob... mine just be some slow when i go to another town... try reinstalling it and ur problem can be fixed i think.... ^_^

  49. Anonymous :

    after shikamaru is crashes

  50. @Anonymous, Here take a look in this, maybe this one solves you're problem

  51. Anonymous :

    Watch the tutorial to fix it ^_^

  52. Anonymous :

    Hey jerico,,, you re the best creator,,,, but I'm trying to jutsu mods like ''madara shinra tensei'', in GTA WORLD SHINOBI V8'' after I going this jutsu,, then CRASH,, Any FIX the gta world shinobi v8 or do you have a repair this problem,,,PLEASE Give me a SOLUTION,,, Thanks For All,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  53. @Anonymous, hey maybe you forgot to put the anim to your anim folder and gta3.img "madara.dff and madara.txd" to your gta3.img using imgtool..

  54. Anonymous :

    @Anonymous hey this mod is not of jerico... it's of bugagastic and in the shinobi world v8 i don't think ultimate shinra tensei will work.... mine is also not working so i think go ask to bugagastic :)

  55. Anonymous :

    @GODSON I'm so sorry,,, I don't know thats creator is bugagastic,,,thanks

    @Uchiha Itachi I trying this but then I will crash,,,
    do you have any main.scm.,, could it's be cause?
    please answer friend's,,,

  56. i dont know what is main.scm sorry bro.. try ask jerico :)

  57. @Anonymous, Main.scm is where the missions,story,etc on gta.
    1.if you're gta crash, try to delete all mods (not included the pack inside of shinobi world v8)
    2.If it is not still working try to use Shinobi World Add-on it have a working main.scm

  58. Put the Audio Folder to the GTA Shinobi World...

  59. @Jerico How not to remove Hud and the Map while in the play this? :)
    Sorry for my bad english

  60. it take a long time to download -.-

  61. can i post this link on my blog ?
    i will put Author and Source :)

    if can't, it's okay :v

    Sorry bad English

  62. why all characters are dark color, not colorful. is this can be fixxed?

  63. @Seruigown Maybe you are using some plugins, try to removed (normal map) plugins.

  64. Anonymous :

    you wanna know why it crashes ? because it doesnt have sounds folder, copy it from your original gta SA folder and you should be able to play it rght away :')

  65. Anonymous :

    try using mod like teleport or anything to get your way to konoha, but dont die.. if you die it'll go dark -_- sadly...

  66. hey jerico can you make it installer because it's very slow to download........

  67. @Sean Michael Grande It would take a lot of time compressing and upload it :)

  68. @Jerico Lequin I'm downloading yesterday 12 hours but today 2 hours........:)

  69. @Sean Michael Grande You don't need to sorry :), that's great, you're internet speed must be getting fast :).

  70. @Jerico Lequin yeah...thanks the map is amazing!! :)

  71. @Jerico Lequin my game crush when I use rasengan (naruto mod character select)

  72. @Sean Michael Grande Because rasengan effects in not on the shinobi world v8, try to merge those two effects.

  73. This map is amazing jerico.. But Unfortunately only konoha has pedestrians XD

  74. @ Jerico Lequin I merge the effects but it still crush....but it's ok my rasengan is useless cuz I have another rasengan that is working....:)

  75. @ Jerico Lequin can you make a video on how to make a mod ?

  76. @ Jerico Lequin cuz I want to make a rasengan mod

  77. @Sean Michael Grande Making a mod takes a lot of process :), especially on scripting, but not just scripting also effects. Making script is just a code programming for making a software. In short, I can't make a video for how to make a rasengan mod.

  78. This comment has been removed by the author.
  79. This comment has been removed by the author.
  80. @ Jerico Lequin can you fix this naruto character select mod ? (rasengan)

  81. @ Jerico Lequin http://www.mediafire.com/download/fr64f73lazoc6gr/Naruto+Mod+BR1+CHARACTER+SELECT.rar

  82. @Sean Michael Grande Why what is the problem of that mod, is there is any error or bugs in that mod. That mod is made by J16D right?

  83. @Jerico Lequin I don't know but in my konoha game when I turn to naruto then I use rasengan it just crush!

  84. After a few months to figure out why GTA Shinobi World v8 crashes for no reason, it is the fault of the aircraft, do not know how to solve, since their original scripts are no longer in (main.sc).

  85. Anonymous :

    can you split to 7 parts ? :-(..


  86. @Jerico Lequin if you can't fix it or you don't want to fix it can you separate the rasengan mod ? cuz I realy want the rasengan (sorry I'm only 10 years old)

  87. @Jerico Lequin and I have class I can only use my laptop when Friday,saturday and sunday.......

  88. @Jerico Lequin if you can't or you don't want to separate it can you fix this rasengan ?

  89. @Jerico Lequin sorry no need to fix.. I already fix my rasengan:)

  90. @Jerico Lequin can you make me admin ?? so I can post mods here ?

  91. Anonymous :

    @Sean Michael Grande yes... say your email.. ;D

  92. Anonymous :

    Please upload more mission thx!

  93. @Anonymous, What mission?

  94. why error when i want load profile and how to get out from the place when i play new game? :'(

  95. @GODSON NARUTO thanks!!!
    here's my email:seanyawesomeness@gmail.com

  96. @Rajul Azmi dude try this tutorial on how to fix shinobi world v8

  97. Anonymous :

    still waiting this file can be split to 7 parts, im using opmin mod.
    but who care!
    just buy the internet!
    shut up you!
    delete this post admin, im become crazy googling for this file

  98. @Anonymous you know when we split the shinobi worldv8 to 7parts it will take a lot of time....I hope you understand.....

  99. Anonymous :

    @ Sean Michael Grande i am terribly sorry bro i cannot click +add authors in blogger @Danny or @HPK or @JERICO can u put him in admin plz?

  100. Hey all...my shinobi world work 100% , but i put original audio GTA SA and put original crack GTA SA and change text... and than... it's work with new game :)
    sorry for my bad english.

  101. can you please create shinobi world gta sa with missions

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