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Posted by : zhu ni Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Note: Itachi can use Amaterasu,GenjutsuKunai boom,and Kawarimi.


  1. O.O Zhu ni.. So you are admin too? Nice.. All of your mod are awesome

  2. awesome....hey i request mission madara vs hashirama

  3. @Leonardo henderson, Ask Zhu Ni, he is great on making mission that's why i make him as a admin :)

  4. This is mission crash me gta sa
    What problem?

  5. zhu maki....tolong buatkan saya misi madara vs hashirama :)

  6. He mean Please make the mission madara vs hashirama.

  7. You don't know how to make mission,Jerico. Well i want to request the Naruto vs Tobi XD

  8. Zhu maki is indonesian so he knows.. What he says :)

  9. Oh, so i'm near with Zhu Maki.

  10. for M. Danial: I am Indonesian too :D

  11. I'm Malaysian .That's cool @Leonardo Henderson

  12. did sasuke use izanagi O.O awesome..btw you can remove in the admins cus someone deleted my gta sa file even backups

  13. I've made mission madara vs hasirama and naruto vs tobi,you can check that mission in my youtube, maybe next time i share at this blog :D

  14. haha ane ditawarin jadi admin gan :D, gak mungkin nolak donk.. :D

  15. saya sudah pernah buat misi itu gan,liat aja di youtube saya, atau lain waktu saya share di sini :D

  16. Yeah.. Welcome ^_^ can you nake mission madara vs 5 kage?

  17. Oh sorry there is typing error *make

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