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Posted by : Daniel 320 Saturday, February 15, 2014



  1. what program do you use to record vids?

  2. Microsoft video encoder or u can search on google :)

  3. You can also use bandicam.. I use that to record vids.. www.bandicam.com :)

  4. aw cant find microsoft video encoder for windows 7 in google other program?

  5. I've did not use that.Ijust select from youtube

  6. @mohamad faudzie.. Use bandicam :)

  7. as, uchiha Itachi said u can use bandicam but i have never tried that so i don't know how it works i always use encoder

  8. @Jerico Lequin, yeah that also can..

  9. i have already have bandicam ill use it ^^

  10. its so hard to find authors @.@

  11. how about the screenshot? do you know a program that can screenshot the game? cus my printscreen button doesnt work well now instead of the game it captures the desktop

  12. Bandicam also can.. I forgot whether press f11 or f10

  13. upload all skin ped naruto please :3

  14. @Kaito Yashio, All peds are in gta3.img, if we upload it on mediafire it take time :)

  15. I'll wait , upload minato jutsu again please :3 i like minato jutsu

  16. @Kaito Yasiho, What minato jutsu that is broken?

  17. Maybe he mean he want a new jutsu for minato

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