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Posted by : Jerico Lequin Sunday, February 23, 2014


  1. O.O Arigatou Gozaimasu :D
    Thank you

  2. o_o Wow .Super Duper Mod have you created, Good job jerico

  3. O_O I was going to post really saved :D if i didn't look at it then dead.... i was going to post that.... :)

  4. @Godson Naruto, Ouhh hahah.. too bad :D

  5. Anonymous :

    When i run gta and press the keys for susanoo the game freezes or crashes help plz? :/

  6. Maybe you forgot to add madara.txd, madara.dff and madara.ifp to your gta3.img using img tool and then rebuild archieve....and the Models file that have 'txd' in it and copy the file named madara.txd and paste in your models>>>> txd ^.^ because that file is image file..

  7. Anonymous :

    I did all of that with IMGtool and i crashes as i mentioned,i think the problem is with the patch thing but idk.

  8. Maybe there are two files the same in your gta3.img.. check again it will cause crash.. and the Models >>>txd to your Models>>>>> txd or maybe there a mod have the same key press as perfect susano.. check that too

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