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Posted by : GODSON NARUTO Sunday, February 09, 2014


  1. Hey..it has a captcha.. Can you remove that? Its hard to download the file

  2. You mean captcha on mediafire?, mediafire doesn't have any captcha, but it will going to have y if you rapidly download files or

  3. Yeah captcha on mediafire.. Why that happen?

  4. Nevermind about the captcha.. I already download it :) cool skin

  5. Oh yeah, i'm waiting for this @GODSON NARUTO you really great thanks for this skin

  6. @Uchiha Itachi, that's good on you :D

  7. why is it when i use this skin i turns into obito zetsu(spiral zetsu) anybody help?

  8. Try install the skin again and rebuild archive..make sure that you add the skin..mine works perfectly :)

  9. @mohamad faudzie sorry for the trouble :( because i uploaded spiral zetsu first now it's already fixed i'm really sry

  10. can u put some blood on he's eye?

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