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Posted by : Anonymous Saturday, March 08, 2014

Sorry I forgot To put one Jutsu :P i was in hurry >_<


  1. Please make mokuton daijurin no jutsu :)) you can watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqAtfyHOdUs :)) please

  2. can i request??
    please make tobi jutsu like materialize jutsu
    but he can move
    if i use materialize jutsu, i cant move

  3. I think it has on darck uchiha obito jutsu pack

  4. Watch this :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2b1wJdhmW98

  5. thanks :D
    i have downloaded it
    but if i active the jikukan ninjutsu, the actor cant move
    can you help me again??

  6. Maybe you have the other materialise jutsu in your cleo.. I dont really know about that

  7. @uchiha itachi whats your Facebook?

  8. @uchiha itachi
    ok no problem
    thank you very much for helping me

  9. @haikai alghifari, why you want to know my FB? Whats your then? I will add you

  10. Facebook.com/jamaludinhaikal.alghifari

  11. can i request again??
    please make this jutsu
    here >>> http://ardiansyahvwputra.esy.es/jutsu.png

  12. Anonymous :

    Pleasure To Help You ^_^

  13. Anonymous :

    You mean Minato's? I cannot make cleo script but i will search for it :D

  14. Hey godson naruto how to replace the hud image for example deidara hud to this one >>> http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-vPInTSaF_es/Uxvnb45kfxI/AAAAAAAABmw/011nkG1gjKM/s1600/HUD+Itachi+ET+Real.png

  15. I got nsuns3 hud but i dont want deidara hud..i want to replace it with edo itachi one

  16. Anonymous :

    O_O uchiha itachi give the mediafire link to me and i will do it!! :D

  17. www.mediafire.com/download/jac0cd94n0bc193/Hud+Deidara+UNS3FB.rar
    can you change it to edo itachi like in image :D

  18. Anonymous :

    Thanks I will try :)

  19. Anonymous :

    T_T didn't worked...

  20. If didnt work..my friend said put the vorbis file to your gta sa directory and the mod will work

  21. There are four file vorbisfile.dll, vorbishook.dll and the other two put at gta sa directory.. I think it will work

  22. Anonymous :

    I extracted all the files in that rar to my gta sa, but it didn't worked T_T

  23. :O try to put one by one.. I think you should put skript47_copyright to cleo

  24. Anonymous :

    DID but didn't worked :| does that mod works in your's?

  25. @GODSON NARUTO, i dont really know.. Now i was very busy.. Did you try at shinobi world or original gta sa? Try at ori gta sa..my friend works fine

  26. Anonymous :

    in shinobi world v8

  27. Try at ori gta sa.. I hope work :(
    The hud is cool..when an enemy hit us the green bar decrease

  28. Hey the hud is not work or original hud appear?

  29. @Uchiha Itachi, Upload also "Fix_Hud.cs" & "Skript_HUD" to make it work :)

  30. Thats not mine jerico..its all credit to Agung Priest that share this mod at fb

  31. @Uchiha Itachi i mean does this mod work on you?, if yes do you have "Skript_HUD.cs" on you're cleo folder? if yes.. can you upload it in here?

  32. Anonymous :

    @Uchiha Itachi u can ask him?

  33. Anonymous :

    The author of this hud

  34. @Uchiha itachi here your request mediafire link:http://www.mediafire.com/download/paath26ntb9k7pi/Hud+Itachi+UNS3FB.rar

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.
  36. @Uchiha Itachi its real edited be me i was replace itachi imake to deidara image please download it :)

  37. Its work but if i press tab game crash try it for yourself

  38. can i request??
    susanoo two arm

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