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Posted by : Unknown Friday, March 21, 2014

This Susano can be used when Load Game


  1. @All, To attack press F,G,R,H,T....... I forgot to put in Readme..

  2. Anonymous :

    Best mod everr

  3. @uchiha itachi add my new facebook account here https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?_bt_=bmid.100008066193508%3Acount.0%3Afbtype.2048%3Aitem_type.%3Aitem_category.self_timeline. The other was delete ^_^

  4. Add me.. I dont know why i cannot find your fb

  5. @Uchiha Itachi : Can you make a mod ( jutsu ) susano'o (Uchiha itachi edo tensei) ?

  6. @Uchiha Itachi : Can you make a mod ( jutsu ) susano'o (Uchiha itachi edo tensei) ?

  7. This is edo tensei itachi my friend :)

  8. sorry i mean https://www.facebook.com/haikal.alghifari.750

  9. @uchiha itachi its hard to find you because its have many name

  10. I mean susano'o gold, like this :D http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ApEwgQj-Svk/T2m3sjG90LI/AAAAAAAAj5U/GWiboByS4es/s1600/c006-007.png

  11. Maybe you install it wrongly..please install it again.. After press 9 the chracter change so it need itachi.txd,itachi.dff and the others in the file name add to gta3.img..make sure you dont miss one and then rebuild archieve.. Models "itachi.txd" file put at your gta sa models>>> txd...
    ##please make sure there are not other mod that press 9 to activate ^_^

  12. how do you make a stroke with suano'o

  13. What do you mean? You meant attack? Press this F,G,R,H,T

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