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Posted by : Paul Allen Thursday, March 06, 2014

This Clone Have Jutsu... :)


  1. Sorry guys no video.. I was too busy :)..

  2. @Uchiha Itachi i can understand u man... :|

  3. :D thanks for understanding me.. Is this mod work fine?

  4. Welcome ^_^... i haven't even tried this.... :|

  5. Hey Uchiha Itachi why don't u chat in chatango?

  6. Lol i havent make an account for chatango..i mean sign up xD if i have some time maybe i will sign up

  7. XD okay i will but maybe on my free time

  8. Someone has already tested the mod? why does not work, because without this "DARCKUCHIHA2.S" file.

  9. @River Ribeiro i agree with u bcoz i also download katon gouka mekkyaku and messhitsu without Darckuchiha.s file it didn't work but when i directly download from darck uchiha it worked that means darckuchiha.s file is necessary for darck uchiha mods...
    And can u tell me about ur country name?

  10. @River Ribeiro,You mean this mod does not work?

  11. @Uchiha Itachi i think u are wrong because if u put darckuchiha2.s or darckuchiha.s this mod will work i think ;)

  12. What do you mean by darkuchiha2.s or darkuchiha.s? I don't get it and mine doesn't work too...

  13. please make mokuton v4 please :))

  14. @Uchiha Itachi The
    "Darkuchiha.s = Ryuuken No Jutsu"
    "Darkuchiha2.s = Madara Clone"
    so this mod won't work if no darkuchiha2.s script :)

  15. @Victor Tuang darkuchiha2.s & darkuchiha.s, are some other type of cleo script :)

  16. @Kaito Yashio why you don't like all the Mokuton jutsu here?

  17. Guys sorry for this problem.. I will fix it dont worry :)

  18. @ALL, it should be work now..i have put the darckuchiha2.s
    if not.. Put the ped.ifp to your anim folder.. I hope it work..

  19. So jerico you know about this.. So you try this mod? And i have put darckuchiha2.s to archieve.. I hope it work

  20. It really works now, thanks a lot...

  21. @uchiha itachi whats your Facebook? Iknow you busy i busy too tell me if you have free time

  22. @uchiha itachi whats your Facebook? Iknow you busy i busy too tell me if you have free time

  23. @Kaito Yashio whaaat hahah :D cool, don't worry if i found some mokuton jutsu i will going to post it here :)

  24. @Uchiha Itachi, Yes i know how to read cleo script, remember I'm also making some mods :D

  25. @Uchiha Itachi The clone does not do any jutsu when I got a gang war in the game, but sometime it does when the gang are not shooting at him.

  26. Yeah me too.. Sometime the clone didnt do any jutsu then i just call another clone xD

  27. Later i'm posting another clone mod, made by madaraanggara... Do you know it? Is pretty cool

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