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Posted by : Anonymous Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Via Media Fire Link:

Via Mega Upload Link:


  1. Cool but i want naruto kurama mode with rinneggan

  2. Anonymous :

    I will search for it ^_^ but now i don't know who removed me from admin T_T

  3. If you remove from admin who can share naruto skin? Can you become admin again

  4. Anonymous :

    Link Broken please fix it fast:)

  5. Anonymous :

    @Anonymous Sorry but the link is not broken :|

  6. Anonymous :

    Yeah i can and i am now :D

  7. Anonymous :

    cant download it ._.

  8. Anonymous :

    @Anonymous Ok i have Put MEGA UPLOAD link also :)

  9. Anonymous :

    Thanks! The MEGA link works fine:)

  10. Anonymous :

    Pleasure to help you :) :D...

  11. Anonymous :

    @M.Danial http://jericouzumaki123.blogspot.pt/2014/03/uzumaki-naruto-kurama-with-rinnegan.html ur request

  12. donde esta el link original y el autor me lo pasan porfavor gracias

  13. Anonymous :

    @gta sa skins y mods oh ok y yo creo que eres izaya y esta es la piel de izaya así que voy a poner sus créditos

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