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Posted by : Jerico Lequin Tuesday, March 04, 2014


  1. Thanks jerico are you download it from naruto3dmodels and you rig it?

  2. Can you give that a small plant its look like http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-O8r6xUHp4Eg/UffhuMmuUiI/AAAAAAAABss/hUaaWNv-Bzs/s1600/black.png

  3. I mean only black zetsu to give small plant. Not white too...

  4. @haikal alghifari, that model is from "NUNS3FB > Naruto3dmodels > DFF and TXD", i think that one who rig this is kuns3.

  5. Hey can you tell me whats that else_jump gosub jump jf. Ican make a script but its not perfectly i can active it then i cant deactactivited it why ithink because jump else jump and jf

  6. @Haikal alghifari, else_jump means In scripting language : it means "jump to another job"

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