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Posted by : Daniel 320 Saturday, April 26, 2014



  1. Yeah my first skin has done . I made it

  2. Anonymous :

    @M.Danial u mean that u put there rinnegan eye texture or u made the whole dff and textures files? O_O

  3. eee, can i request something ?
    is not GTA SA Mod

    can i get this template ?
    like download link ?
    or name of this template blogspot ?
    i really like it, pleaseeee

    sorry for bad english -,-

  4. Kakashi with rinnegan like tea with salt :P

  5. @Atarashi Fatan the template is known as date a live

    here is a link : http://btemplates.com/2013/blogger-template-date-a-live/

  6. I've just put the rinenggan :)

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