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Posted by : Anonymous Friday, March 07, 2014

After installing this mod to ur shinobi world i request u please install latest version cleo (4.3) at cleo.li and then only ur save game will work otherwise it can crash...
But if u want all those cleo mods u installed in ur old version cleo then cut all the files of ur old version cleo and install the latest version cleo and paste all the old version cleo files in ur latest cleo for shinobi world v8... hope it works :)

It's Version 1.1 And made by J16D... there are more missions and some other functions also :D

It's like 33 mb size of it...


  1. Cool, I wonder how this one will going to end :D

  2. Anonymous :

    jiraiya beating ebisu :D

  3. Anonymous :

    still save game not work

  4. Expect the Unexpected... Lol sorry, We don't really know what is the problem of that, only J16D can fix that problem cause he is the one who create this mod :)

  5. Anonymous :

    @Jerico u are right but... i thing Anonymous need to install latest version cleo at :
    and then it will work...

  6. Anonymous :

    Yeah XD

  7. Anonymous :

    Can you uploaded more mission please I'm perfectly fine with my game, ya the best!

  8. Jerico, toda vez que eu vou salvar o jogo crasha, oque pode ser ?

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