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Posted by : GODSON NARUTO Monday, March 03, 2014

To Activate just press Space+B and to deactivate press Space+T... after that jutsu is activated u don't have to do anything if any ped hits u before that u will become a crow... u don't have to press any key.... :)


  1. Hey Uchiha Itachi i found IZANAMI but it crashes if u don't mid i will give u the link :)

  2. @GODSON NARUTO it crashes maybe you not add the itachi2 skin to your gta3.img

  3. Yeah maybe..like madara jutsu pack madara.dff and madara.txd in gta3.img.. It almost the same as itachi i think..Godson naruto give the link for izanami please :)

  4. @Uchiha Itachi it didn't work again... :(
    here's the link

  5. I think you should put itachi.dff and txd and itachi2.dff and txd..plus the ifp file..the model the txd one must not put together with madara the txd file..i think izanami might work.. Prediction only xD i havent try it by myself

  6. i have put all the files of itachi except susano'o but it works sometimes and sometimes not and the link i gave u was v3 that crashes and i have v2 that workd sometimes :|

  7. I dont know what are the problems

  8. @Uchiha Itachi oh i see :(

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