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Posted by : Unknown Thursday, March 06, 2014


  1. @GODSON NARUTO, hey bro the izanami works fine to me :D

  2. So you must have itachi2 skin because on the script that says"load actor itachi2 as special03" so you must have it. And if you want to change back it must near player

  3. can you upload a 100% full unmodded game

  4. @mohamad faudzie, i cant it took forever to upload because gta sa 4GB.. Sorry bro..

  5. @Uchiha Itachi did this jutsu kill people

  6. Hmmmm..... I think not because it's just to change to another ped/aku rasa tidak karena itu hanya untuk mengganti ped lain

  7. @M. Danial, no but it so fun controlling people xD

  8. yeah that is the special / betul , itulah keistimewaannya

  9. Cool Itachi izanami, one of the bad-ass itachi jutsu, but it doesn't look like realistic in this mod into reality :D but still great :D

  10. @Ardiansyah Putra Maybe you installed it wrong :)

  11. Anonymous :

    game crashes even after installing every content
    i have cleo 4 and hundreds of mods installed in game..........help plz

  12. Anonymous :

    Yeah Mine Too :(

  13. Anonymous :

    @Uchiha Itachi I had put all the gta3.img but it didn't worked :(

  14. Anonymous :

    @mohamad faudzie u mean gta sa or shinobi world?

  15. Maybe some of the mods you have install have the same key press as izanami.. Mine works.. After you put all the gta3.img.. Did you rebuild archieve?

  16. @Ardiansyah Putra, what time when the mod crash..maybe i can help you..

  17. I think because not add itachi.txd to models>txd

  18. i downloaded a gta sa but when i put mods it crash

  19. The model file itachi.txd>> model>> txd have you put it?

  20. @haikal alghifari, did you test this jutsu? Does it work to you?

  21. its really work but i cant go far from player. and i change a litle bit of this script

  22. after itachi says "izanami"
    and then, it crash

  23. please check again your gta3.img..maybe you miss one.. or you forgot to put the model "itachi.txd to model>>>txd

  24. yeah if go far the game crash :(

  25. its work
    but why i cant change the activation key with sanny builder??

  26. dude i dont know.. This mod is not made by me but darck uchiha

  27. ok thanks for helping me :)

  28. Im happy to help you.. :D

  29. @Ardiansyah Putra are you cant open izanami.cs with sanny builder

  30. Anonymous :

    which mods u installed?

  31. @haikal algifahri
    i can
    but i cant compile izanami.cs after i edit it
    @uchiha itachi

  32. Anonymous :

    @Ardiansyah Putra at first when u open that file.. i think it says decompile or compile or whatever... just do no and after u edit it u can compile the izanami ;) got it?

  33. @Godson Naruto
    thank you very much :D

  34. Anonymous :

    @Ardiansyah Putra well always pleasure to help all of u ;)

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