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Posted by : Anonymous Monday, April 14, 2014


  1. @GODSON NARUTO madara can't use this jutsu only obito

  2. Anonymous :

    But Madara was his Sensei and he teached him so i think he can also use it :D... and also he is an Uchiha :)

  3. @GODSON NARUTO what is your Google email, I will invite you to blog

  4. Anonymous :


  5. @GODSON and @M.Danial maybe the truth is this see the comment in ths video that only obito can use this jutsu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7F7J6hSEzcA

  6. Anonymous :

    @Uchiha Kaejii yeah but the one saved obito was madara and he teached him jutsus also so i think madara also knows this jutsu and also it is "UCHIHA" kaenjin

  7. yeah . Hope in the next chapter obito will get susano'o but i don't know

  8. Anonymous :

    @Uchiha Kaenjii yeah me too :)

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