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Posted by : Anonymous Saturday, April 19, 2014



  1. Thanks bro becoz of you i know how to press

  2. Anonymous :

    No prob bro :D actually at first i also didn't know how to do but i just pressed here and there then i knew how to do it XD

  3. -_- why these ads always pop up? It so annoying :(

  4. Anonymous :

    @Uchiha Itachi yeah... why the hell are these ads are coming T_T i have to ask jerico about it :|

  5. Guys i agreed with you all.For them pro can fix this.

  6. Anonymous :

    @M.Danial yeah u r right :/

  7. Admin Please Fix The Link Download

  8. Anonymous :

    @Juan Ghanief Fairuz Zafier YOSH!!! IT IS FIXED SORRY FOR THE PROBLEM :)

  9. Its Oke No Problem But Thanks A Lot I Love This Blog :D

  10. Anonymous :

    @Juan Ghanief Fairuz Zafier thanks bro :) ^_^

  11. dude how did you take the pic without www.Bandicam.com top there in the game.

  12. Anonymous :

    @M.Danial 'cuz i am using fraps full version with crack :D it only records game :) xD os i think u should also use that :D

  13. But how did you do that teach me @GODSON NARUTO

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