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Posted by : Jerico Lequin Thursday, December 19, 2013


  1. Anonymous :

    My GTA Crashes after I install the mod. It happens before it turns into Sennin Naruto

  2. Sorry about the trouble, this mod have a lots of bugs,
    but i can help you as long as i can,
    Do you have any mods that includes. "Effects"

  3. i Used your All in One Effect.

  4. Also Jerico What font is this when you type in the comments?

  5. Still Can you tell me how to fix this?

  6. can you tell what other mod you installed in you're gta?

  7. EMS Sasuke Susano
    BijuuDama (Kyuubi Bomb as u call it =D)
    Double Chidori
    Sasuke Katon Goukakyu No Jutsu
    Madara Meteor
    Teleport Stealth
    Teleport Violent
    Vehicle Spawner

  8. Also Chidori Eisu [Forgot to put it in the list]

    [Also My GTA CRASHED So i decided to make a new 1]

    [Kirin's link is not actually Kirin]

  9. Ummm u still there Jerico?

  10. Ohh yeah, about you're game it is because of some effects,

  11. But i used ur All in One + Anime Effects ...

  12. how can you have many jutsu mod?
    i can mod only one jutsu, then when i try another one it crash
    help pls...

  13. simple by combining all animations,effects or something that needed the mod :)

  14. hmmm, guys try removing the double rasenshuriken jutsu mod, and this mod will work :D
    mine is working..

  15. When i use it the beach ball shows up, i installed it many times same thing happens. Put the gta3.img in and the cutscenes in the cutscene with a img tool but it doesnt work

  16. Because you didn't replace the beach ball .dff and .txd, Open you're gta3.img using img tool, then find beachball .dff and .txd then replace it with the file that you downloaded.

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